The Caligraph's wooden type bars

There are several early upstrike typewriters (Remingtons and Caligraphs) that used wooden bars to connect the keys to the actual type.

Broken bars are typical for Caligraphs, because the key stems were connected to the bars with metal clamps. Here's one way to repair them.

1. To begin with, remove the iron front cover and the wooden clamp that keeps the type bars in place.

2. Identify the broken bar and pull out the key and key stem. (just hold back the bar and pull the key. They come off easily.)

3. Pull the fron of the wooden bar forward and up, so that is slides out of the machine, together with the wire spring that keeps the tenstion on the front.

To release the backside of the bar, unscrew the double nut that connects the bar to the type bar (see white arrow in the picture on the right). The remainder of the bar will now come falling out of the machine.

The bars always break in the place where the clamp of the key top is connected to it.This is the spot that catches all the pressure when you hit a key.Just glueing it together won't do. The bar will break again as soon as you hit the key. To strengthen it I used a piece of brass sheet metal.

After drying, you stick the bar back into the machine. Put the rear in place first, then push the wire spring at the front in place.

Finally, you push the key and key stem back in place. (Make sure you support the repaired bar from below, or you may break it again!)


After cutting it to size, I folded it around the glued section and then squeezed the clamp around it again. (below)