Step 2: Serious dismantling and cleaning

Now we begin to seriously dismantle the machine and to clean loose parts. This  requires tons of cleaner, cloth and patience, but the results can be astonishing. Just take a look at the left hand ribbon spool before and after polishing:

To reach the insides of The Empire, first you remove the frame that covers the type, releasing each individual type bar, by undoing two screws on each side. (One is actually part of the pin that holds up the top cover.)

Remove the type bars and place them carefully side by side for individual cleaning. The machine is now open...

Tip: Always place screws back in their holes, so they'll still be there when you want to replace parts.

Hey! What's this?
This little ring came falling out when I put the machine on its back. Where does it go? What does it do? Oh well,  we'll find out later.

Step 3: