The Hall Typewriter

The index card

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The index card of the Hall is made of paper. It could be replaced easily, together with the rubber type sheet, to change styles and sizes. (In fact, the machine could be set to double spacing, to facilitate larger type!)

The problem with the paper index cards is that they are always dirty, and often damaged, by barbarians playing around with pens and filling all the holes. This one is just dirty.

To remove the card, all you need to do is loosen the four screws (see blue arrows) and remove the index cover (left).

When removing the screws take care not to damage them with a screwdriver. They may be stuck. It's tricky to use penetrating oil here, because it will foul up the index card.

You can loosen the screw by fitting in your screw driver and hitting in sharply over the head with a hammer. If that doesn't do the trick, use the blade of a knife as a screw driver. That allows you to exert more pressure. (Don't use your favorite silverware for this!)

The picture above right, shows the index card as it comes out. Plain dirty. Blow off the worst dirt and use a pencil eraser (right) to clean up the paper.