Step 1. Disassembling the Molle

Taking the Molle 3 apart into handy pieces is literally a piece of cake (if you know how to do it).

Roll the carriage all the way to the left and undo the carriage return string. Hook it to the pin on the right of the rear carriage rail.

Remove screw (number 1 in the top picture), or push and pull 1 and 2 slightly, to move the carriage beyond the blocking mechanism and take it off the machine.

Push the Caps and Figs keys and secure them.

4.) Turn the machine on its back and release the key stems of the figs and caps and backspace keys (left and right). They are attached with flat springs that can be moved away (see arrows).

5.) Put the machine back on its feet and pull the keyboard up and forward.
The Molle is now in three parts, each of which can be disassembled further and cleaned.
Each part of the machine can now be reached.
Below are the back and bottom of the machine.