Step 2. Restoring the pinstripes

At some point in the past, someone repainted the cover of the key basket of this poor machine. Under the black paint, the shades of the old golden pin stripes are still visible.

The way to restore the pin stripes is to first carefully clean the part and wet sand it (600 to 1000) to remove uneven parts of the paint).

Use excellent tape (with very straight edges) to create a mask along what can still be seen of the pin strips.

What I use here is pin stripe tape that was used in pre-computer days to lay out photo offset pages.
This stuff is still for sale in some art shops.

Now prepare the paint. This is a mixture of pale rich gold powder and bronze varnish, that is sold in better paint shops.

With a very thin brush, paint the space between the tapes to create new pin stripes.
When the paint is still wet (but not too wet - practice this a couple of times on a piece of sheet metal) remove the tape.
Uneven bits of paint along the edges can be removed  with the backside of the brush, with a piece of cloth around it.
Don't worry if the paint doesn't fully cover the lacquer, or if some parts are wiped off. You want this thing to look antique, don't you?

Finally, you varnish the whole piece several times to embed the pinstripes in a new coat of varnish.
Sand it, polish and varnish and it looks as new...