Step 4. Taking apart the keyboard

Taking apart the keyboard of a typewriter is easy. Putting it back together again is another story, as those who've ever tackled a Smith Premier can confirm. This one is different. The Molle was designed by a repairman and it shows. Here are the easy steps to take apart the keyboard of the Molle 3. (To put it back together again, just follow the same steps in reverse order.)
To begin with, remove the two screws left and right that secure the bottom 'step' of the keyboard. This exposes the space bar mechanism and the stems and springs of the first row of keys.

Now undo all the springs that are attached to the ends of the key stems, sticking forward through the horizontal bar. (red arrows on the left)

Finally, undo the screw that attaches the space bar to the same horizontal bar. Now remove the row. Note the long thin rod that operates the escapement. Make a note of where it should go when you reassemble the keyboard.

Repeat these steps with the other two key rows. The whole system can now be reached for cleaning and polishing.

Note that the key springs are attached to the inside of the 'steps'. You can just leave them there. They won't fall out.

Done? Time to reassemble.... in step 5.