Step 5. Putting it all back together again...

Reassembling the Molle 3 is literally a matter of following all the instructions in this site in reverse order.

1. Put the key rows back in place and reattach the springs to the key stems. Make sure you put the space bar rod back in the right position.

2. Slide the carriage back onto the base of the machine.

3. Slide the keyboard section back into the base and re-attach the caps, figs and backspace keys.


To end this section, here are a couple of before and after pictures and finally the portrait of the Molle in its current state with restored pinstripes, shellaced decals, cleaned system and polished plating.

To prevent rust in the near future, I brushed a thin layer of mineral oil on the bare metal parts inside the machine. What is left to do is put tension on the spring, put a new ribbon in and write my first letter.