Step 3: Work in Progress

The SP1 project has now entered a long term phase of further cleaning, rubbing and painting. This page is an update on work in progress.
On the right is the top of the main frame of the machine. It showed serious pitting on the sides because of rust.
After cleaning of the rust and remaining paint, I first sprayed it with a combined filler and primer.

Next, I sprayed the part with several layers of black lacquer and finished it with varnish. The damage that was caused by the rust is now barely visible and the piece looks brand new.

One of the most tedious parts is the cleaning of the type basket and type. To remove the type you loosen the screws on the top (red arrows) of the basket and take them out one by one.

Clean the type, and the top of the basket and replace them.

As part of this clean-up operation, I also replaced a couple of the vertical bars that attach the type to the horizontal rods underneath. In an earlier repair these vertical bars had been replaced with wire. Phil Garr supplied me with replacements (thank you!!). The mounting of the bars requires patience. Lots of patience.

Work continues with other parts of the machine. On the right is the right hand ribbon spool, before and after cleaning. It needs some further polishing.
To remove the spool from the machine, you need to remove the pins that attach it to it's axis (red arrows).
To remove them:
1. Find the narrow side of the pin.
2. Secure it and place a drift on it.
3. Tap it lightly with a hammer until it slides in.
4. Pull it out from the other side.

I noticed that the small handle on the right was bent. When trying to bend it back, it broke. Ouch! Thanks to Phil (again) a spare is now on its way.

Finally, I'm also working on the body of the machine. The front has been cleared of remaining paint (right) and can now be painted again.
On the sides I'm removing rust from the embossed logo's.
And work goes on, and on, and onů.