This is the 1892 The Empire, semi-portable with serial # 13655, designed by W.P. Kidder. Not a very rare machine, but a very nice one that should be part of every collection.

This machine arrived  complete. No missing parts, except for a broken carriage return string.
Here is the first complication: the string is made of a necklace-like chain with tiny shackles.  Not the kind of stuff you run into every day. 

This is a 3 cm (one inch)  piece of the carriage return string.
If you have a parts machine laying around and can do without its CR-string, please let me know!

Step 1: Initial cleaning

As a first step in the cleaning operation I removed the cover , platen and other rubber parts and sprayed the entire machine with penetrating oil, and left it overnight., to loosen up the screws and bolts.
Next I placed the machine in a tray and doused  it with kerosine to dissolve grease on and in the machine.
After washing it with water and blow drying it, most of the grease was gone and the final cleaning operation could start.
Left: before the initial cleaning                              Right: after initial cleaning

Step 2: