The Caligraph writing machine was produced in the 1880's. This project deals with the Caligraph 4, a machine that was virtually identical to the number 3 and only differed in details from the number 2.

The first Caligraph wrote capitals only. Not many of those are still around.

The machine is pretty good condition. There is no rust, and there are only a couple of missing parts. This machine could barely claim a place in the restoration site, were it not for a couple of typical defects. Missing parts:

1. Bell and hammer

2. The pin that holds up the carriage return lever (it now dangles down).

3. The wire part of the left ribbon guide

The interesting problems:

1. The damaged decal

2. The broken main spring.

3. Two broken, wooden type bars.

Otherwise, a thorough cleaning will make this machine very presentable.

On the left is the front top of the machine, with the place where the bell and hammer should be.

The two blue arrows to the right point at one of the broken type bar and the broken main spring. The Caligraph has a very odd main spring that runs along the full length of the machine, underneath. This awkward piece of engineering requires tremendous tension on the spring before it will generate enough momentum to actually move the carriage.

No wonder so many Caligraph springs are broken!

Finally, underneat is the dangling carriage return lever. Now, what will make this thing stand up again?