The Smith Premier 1 challenge...

That's right! This is the 1889 Smith Premier 1 typewriter in what they call "as-found" condition. This old girl spent most of this century in an attick. The carriage is stuck. One keytop and the bell are missing, but for the rest, almost everything seems to be there. It is very dirty, very dusty and slightly rusty

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The Caligraph 4

The Caligraph was introduced in 1888. It is an upstrike machine, like the Smith Premier, but much easier to take apart, service and repair.

We're dealing with a machine here that needs a good cleaning and a couple of parts, including the richt gold and red decal.

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The Hall 2 (Salem)

This particular example of the highly popular and collectible Hall index typewriter requires complete dismantling to restore its former splendor

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Finished projects:

The Molle 3

The Molle 3 is a dream of a machine. The designer wanted a machine that could be taken apart easilly.




For an evening with nothing else to do: the popular American Index typewriter...

The Empire

The Empire, an 1892 'portable' typewriter that basically needs a thorough cleaning, and, as it rurns out, a bit more....

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