The Hall Typewriter

Salem Model, Serial number 7551

The Hall Typewriter is a true collectors' favorite. It is the first industrially produced index typewriter, that appeared on the market in 1881 as an affordable alternative to the costlykeyboard machines. This particular example requires some work.

Here's what's wrong with it: The top of the lid of the wooden case is gone. Dovetail connections have come loose.

The machine itself is covered with an apparently pretty loose layer of rust. It is also very dirty.One of the support rails is missing. Several screws are gone.

This machine needs to be taken apart completely in order to restore it to its original splendor!

To begin with, we'll take it ease and just dismantle and clean the index card....
Next we'll take apart the whole frame and clean it up....
And then the printing mechanism:
Next, we go shopping for wood to fix the case:
And finally, gunblue!