The Molle 3

The Molle 3 (there are no #s 1 and 2) is an interesting machine. It appeared in the market in 1918, 15 years after watch repariment John Molle started working on the design.
This is a repairman's  (and restorer's) dream. The machine was designed by a former repairman, who had dreamed of a machine that could easily be taken apart.
The machine is based on the crank-rod-and-shaft system of the Smith Premier 1, but with only one screw driver, you can take it to pieces.
Maybe John Molle's tragedy was that he designed the machine with repairmen in mind, and not typists. Anyway, the company folded in 1922.
This particular Molle 3 is serial nr. 6796

Here's how to do it.

Step 1. Disassembling the Molle 3

Step 2. Restoring the pinstripes

Step 3. Shellacing the papertray

Step 4. Taking apart the keyboard
Step 5. Putting it all back together again...